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Contemplations - Tenshal B. Terris

Fallen Hero - Kaylarae

The Language of Ravan - Anonymous

Goodbye My Friend - Achmed the Snake

The Cycle - Crystin

Lone Bandit - Donatelo

An Outdoorsman's poem - Ziage

The Dark Side - Lilith

Slipping Into The Night - ValHalla

Seeing You Again - Kobald

Lost To The Dawn - Merse

In Arms - Merse

Death Rules Over All - Mishka Filitova

Without You - Minxx Mystique

Falling into you - Val

Alyssa - Ician

Town Rats - Amarad

My Love - Renn Kinsley

Ode to the Drunkard - Jetal

Stillness - Jetal

Worms, Fish, a Moral, and a Happy Ending - Dyana

Silence - Soren

The Chase - Ridelle Luminus

Lost and Forgotten - Alycia

Light my way home - Agito

Time's passing - Bjergar

City Silence - Pepa Quin

Be no man's Mule - Amarad

My spindle-needle soul - Othelia

Thoughts - Bjergar

The Only Revenge - Kobald

Dreams of an Angel - Kyraboc

The Lookout - Long47

The People - Long47

Whipped Too Many Times - Amarad

Winter Storm - Kaylarae

Black Hood - Kaylarae

Double Storm - Kaylarae

Never Able - Kaylarae

Burying Your Love - Othelia

Asking Your Love - Ophelias

Done - Razlin

Hate - Razlin

The Marauding Bandit - Blackknight

Gardens of the Deep (Mando) - Flamia

Her - Dragoon

Hostility - Amarad Nightsbane

The Fumble Grabber - Cladius Maximus

Death Upon the Rock - Nookie420

Love - Razlin Light

"I Love You" - Othelia

Tha' Other Day - Reharl Goldenarm

Vermin, Rats and Hounds- Blackknight

The Man That Stole My Life From Me- Othelia

The Bloody Dagger- Othelia

The Beggar- Othelia

The Whore- Othelia

A Bandit Like No Other - Blackknight

Forever the Battle - theDarknightX

When I'm Gone - Amarad Nightsbane

Battle - Ramuh

Silent Song - Christona Fisherena

A Memory of the Fallen - Blackknight

The Stars - Othelia

New Eyes - AngeI

Moonlight - Jojo

The Secret - Jominey

Ode To Death - Taliseman

Sparring - Taliseman

The Common Vigilante - Gotbells

The Somewhat Silly Great Chain of Being - Gotbells

Thieving Shadow - Austintx

You Shall Ask - Moonlite

I Should Have Asked - Karious

You - CornBread

Night falls - CornBread

Sophia - Jerreth Arlise

Darkend - Jerreth Arlilse

Darkness - Aeryll Doman

Ode to lovers lost - Janisinia Kiljaro

Likeminded truth - Laskari

Mirrored - Kelixa

Waiting - Kelixa

Theif's theme - Dragonldee

Ravan And Ereal - Dragonldee

Why the Moon - Dragonldee

Sparing - Taliseman

My Introduction - Taliseman

She - Aeryll Doman

The Light of Ereal - Reshan

The Force of Death Is Upon Us - Merlit

A Soldier's Thoughts - Laskari

Darkness - Dylan

Love's Grace - Laskari

Auxilli - a quiet poet

A Dream of Peace - a quiet poet

Night Time Views - a quiet poet

Scarlet Tears - Lionwolf

Nineteen - FaithElaine

Dark Desires - Appolus

The Raven Spawn - Appolus

Memories of Blood - Appolus

Spectator of a Battle - Appolus

Shade - Petra

Encounter - Shade

Last Will - Appolus

Sweet Iridine - Yuki

Ode to a Thief - Echo

Ode to a Healer - Echo

Altene's Lament - Vladmir

Death of All - Drought

An Elegy on the Death of a Mad Rat - Niltag

Limerick of the Cineran - Jo

The Life of a Harvester - Jo

My Heart is Lost - Echo

Lover in the Shadows - Appolus

Solitude - Appolus

For Seraphin - from a Remathen Friend

Ode To a Warrior - Echo

To Skye.. - Carlius

Just Think About It - Echo

I Would Forget Her If I Could - Elis

Alone - Echo

The Gambler - Cyanicus

Scared - Teresa

Echo's Song - Echo

I Have - Echo

A Letter From The Field - Echo

Boredom - Echo

Silence Eternal - Echo

Pride and His Bride Lady Death - Echo

She Has My Heart - Laskari

Lady Death - Katerina

A Collection of Poems - Malik Corvus Dukat

A Poem For My Dear - Drunser