Be no ones Mule

By Amarad

I must escape from this pain
An existance mundane
The person who gave me it is dead
But I know I've got a name

The senator stands in front of the forum
But his speech he can't recall
Only the slaves eyes oversee the lies
Bouncin off every polished wall
The standard is well kept
You don't even know that you're playing the fool
The ignorant killed us while we slept
I will be no ones mule

They gave me my chain to hang on
Can't learn a thing from it
Now I swing from it

I come and I preach the truth then disappear
I know it's my words that they fear
The seeds of ignorance planted and grew
You'll never be a radical unless you see how it effects you

Don't make claims
Don't place blaims
That's all I have to say
Because now I have a name

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