Tha' Other Day

By Reharl Goldenarm

As life comes again with a harsh embrace The harsh winds blow against my face I wonder what it's all been for How everyone is wantin' more Temptin' everyone ta try Ta get rich and fat, but you'll still die For every king n' begger's end It'll come in time, for you my friend

I stand upon a traveled road Grunting under the 'eavy load I wish that life were easier, so I didn't have to Worry about tomarrow and the thing's I'll go through But I see a man beggin, wrapped in a wool cloak Shaking 'is cup, his face is soaked With shame and pain, a tear in 'is eye But he has not been defeated, Why? For he goes on believin tomarrow Will burn away all this sorrow His hope keeps 'im alive, n' he aint givin up So I walked over n' dropped a coin in 'is cup He nodded ta me n' said, "Bless ya sir" I wondered where my feelings were I turned and left thinkin' a life's simple joys I looked back ta see two young boys Playin' in tha' center of tha street I saw thier death they're about ta meet A wagon speeding without repreave N' it seemed tonight thier mothers'd greave But the begger lept from tha' place he lay And pushed the boy from tha' way Though he 'imself did not escape I wrapped 'im in 'is woolen cape I nodded to the boys n' they stared at me They turned and ran down tha' street I wondered if it'd ever be known All the courage dis' man 'ad shown Ta give 'is life for two he'd never met He'd probly seen more than I ever will I bet His life was worth 's much as mine if not more Even if he was "poor" Poor of money, but not poor of soul I took him to the pyres and place 'im in a hole A man shouted "Filth like that doesn't belong in here!" I turned an told him with a sneer "This man deserves these rights as much as you, After all the things he has gone through, He gave it up for tha' cruel fate that it is So two young boy's lives'd be better n' his" He stepped back from fear, like a worm I set fire to the old man's lifeless form All that'd 'appen in our days We all end in tha' same blaze Some in glory, banners 'eld high Or sickened children, while poor mothers cry Ta take yer leave, ya don't need fame In tha end it's all tha same I'd learned more from 'dat begger n' 'is sacrifice Then what I could learn for any price

N' though I never even shook tha man's 'and I walked away a better man Fer 'e knew more a' life than I, he'd been down dat way He changed my life, the man I met tha' other day

'Cause streangth is somethin ya can't put words to ta tha least Dis begger 'ad more than any man or beast I 'ope ya read these words wit' pride N' realize yer a littler "stronger", deep down inside

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