The Language of Ravan

By Anonymous

The Language of Ravan

Is the sword that cuts down a soldier's life.
Is the blood that seeps from his skin.
Is the darkness that blankets the field
in a coldness that keeps the red scarred land within.

Is the knife a cutthroat wields to slit throats,
or free a purse from its strings.
Is the end of one thing and the beginning of another.
The Language of Ravan speaks of many things.

Is the wailing cries of a mourning mother.
Is the stifled tears of an orphaned child.
Is the huddled rocking of a frightened, hidden soldier
huddled under corpses of comrades in the wild.

Is the dirty desperation known in The Steps.
Is the political backstabbing found in The Forum.
Is in The Temple priests who plot against all
who speak any language other than Ereal's.

Is a deadly tongue: swift, sharp, scathing, cursed.
Is a soothing melody
bringing release to the suffering,
and reward to those who lived well and long.

Is the language of life and death:
it sings and argues, coos and screams.
Is not evil and is not to be feared.
Is the source and the end of all dreams.

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