By Amarad Nightsbane

Let's get one thing strait, this aint 'bout love
With anger I shake my fists at skies above

Go a'ead step up and try to cause me pain
I just wonder what's goin through yer brain
Just what are ya tryin ta prove?
C'mon ijit, make tha first move
Think 'bout who yer tryin ta impress
Do either of us need all this stress?

Then you act like tha world owes ya some debt
And all ya got from love was regret
I'll tell ya this, I don't owe ya a thing
Seems sad stories are all that ya bring
NO ONE is ever a 'victim' a' love
That's just like sayin ya were killed by provoking a dove
Keep complainin, it's really doin ya a lot a good...
What? Ya act like ya thought it would....

Got no right to complain
Yer insane
Say I aint sensitive?
You've never felt real pain
You survive
Now thrive
Life's a miracle
So stay alive

If ya can't take tha 'its get outta tha way
Save yer tears fer a rainy day
Go a'ead n' whine
A waste a my time
Bare yer burdens with pride
Or just go run n' 'ide
Time ya got yerself checked
I owe ya no respect

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