Echo's Song

By Echo Vinum

Just a girl of 15 she was lost and alone,
had traveled hundreds of miles away from her home
with a cloak and a stave and an anger that burned
and deep in her heart a lesson well learned

was the law of the land that killed her sweet mother
was the son of the law who killed her grandfather
was a heart full of rage that got her revenge
and set her on a path that would never end

with a father unknown who ran off with the sea
twas not a soul left to call family
with nowhere to turn and nothing to lose
she extracted revenge without having a clue

the man of the law was killed by her mother
the son of the man was killed by none other
then the echo of wine in a moment of fury
when he moved to take her in not enough hurry

with a fangstave she killed him and her virtue did save
but with a price she will pay untill the grave
on the back of his door hang a simple blue hood
she wore it and snuck out as fast as she could

with the death of her past she saw her future gone
with no more tomarrows she could not go wrong
mattered not which way the road would bend
she would just follow it blindly untill the end

with no strength to fight she wandered for years
a heart so cold she could not shed tears
a hood for protection from wandering eyes
she grew to know how to tell the right lies

one morn' in the field she opened her eyes
and was taken back by quite a surprise
standing before her was the great Iridine
and an inn called the toga that served common wine

she looked about and longed to be free
so off came her hood and her face they did see
a tall man with mystery locked in his eyes,
approached her and offered a very kind "hi"

his simple words melted her heart
and with his help a life she did start
she healed and she taught and she sang a bit to
and made many a friend as most newcommers do.

she follows her heart unto this day
fighting to keep her fears held back at bay
she seeks who to trust but is not yet free
and often wonders if she ever will be

the wounds of many others she may often heal
but the wounds in her heart has formed a strong seal
her namesake is all she can claim as her own
but the echo of wine can never go home.

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