Town Rat

By Amarad

Sitting at the edge of the path
A million thoughts, as I reflect
Taunt me just a little, I'm not too hard a game
I fear no evil, I take all the blame

Sitting at the edge of the bed
Pondering the bad things in my head
Always wondering if what they said was true
So now I'm in it neck deep

Even though I had the words to say
Didn't think it would matter anyway
I don't need the pretty words
I just jump right in

The urge is always there to do it, skin to skin
What the hell, here I go, tooth for tooth

Lying at the bottom of my grave
Greed turns free men into slaves
Never fathoming just what I could have changed
Instead I'm no better

Even though I had the power
I chose to use it for myself, and not for others
Town rat I am, arrogance
I took my chance
No time to wait
Just jump right in, I say to them
Judge yourself before you speak again
No song and dance
Just jump right in

Crying at the edge of the path
All you can think about right now is revenge
I waste my time feeling sorry for you
And all you want to do is harm

Let the healing begin, or move away
I'll weed you out when I reach that day
Attacking the weak, but they will outlast you
I see my message just goes right past you

On the throne where a wise man once sat
All I see is a stoopid town rat

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