The Marauding Bandit

By Blackknight

I am the ulitmate evil, as they say in Iridine.
I, who am king of the roads, despite the fact that I live like an animal.
Animal, that is what many call me.
People, you will soon learn roads have no safety.

Blades, they glint in the moonlight.
I draw a sharpened dagger from beneath my ragged cloak.
I spot a man, a merchant upon the road.
He will soon learn his money offers him no protection.

I dive from my hiding place onto his back.
Kicking him, I drive him to the ground.
His eyes are frantic, he knows what is coming for him.
Death, only death will visit him this night.

He reaches for a hidden weapon and I slip the dagger between his ribs.
His eyes stare at me, shocked and then they cloud over.
I take the pouches of money he is wearing as well as the valuables in his sack.
I then draw out his hidden weapon, an iron gladius, very fine indeed.

Secreting the loot beneath my cloak, I run into the forest.
I hear the astonished voices as travellers discover his body.
Cries of shock and the sound of weapons being drawn alert my senses.
I run back to my cave, where it is safe.

I put the loot in the wooden chests.
The cave is jammed full of valuables.
Despite this, I crouch over a fire.
Tomorrow, I will do it all over again.

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