Asking your love.

By Kate Holderness

I know that i've hurt you,not being around,
But i want you to know of the love I have found.
You always cared,were always there,
And my silly ideas,with you I can share.
Although I don't show it, I hide and pretend,
But I know that my love for you cannot end.
There's a void in my heart which I know you can fill
Do you feel the same?How I pray that you will.
It's hard to tell you what you mean to me,
So I'm writing this poem in hope you will see.
Although I've been gone,for quite some time,
I hope when I return, you will be mine;
And that hand in hand, we will walk
And of fairytale gossip we will talk.
My lasting friend,my dearest love,
I feel we are joined by heaven above;
That we share one dream,one heart,one soul,
With you,my love,my half becomes whole.

For my dearest friend and lasting love,Vanir.


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