Likeminded Truth

By Laskari

What a curse is this thing called a perceptionÖ For someone to perceive you as something you are not. To misinterpret the facts that lay before them, and come to a conclusion that is baffling to the informed. It is unbelievable to watch something so grotesque happen. It goes against my conscience to sit idly by and watch the truth be worse than destroyed, but turned into a lie. For what does the truth become, when misperceived, misinterpreted, it is twisted into something else? It is no longer the truth after such a transformationÖ. And if not the truth, it becomes a falsehood, a living lie, so successful as to be called the truth by those whose ìPerceptionî is so askance. And yet what can be done about such things? It is not possible to affect someone elseís interpretation of the facts. The facts are there, and what the mind does with them is of itís own accord. How can this be changed? How can such an intangible process be affected? To affect an intangible machine, one must acquire an intangible tool. And what great and yet intangible artifice of thought must be wrought?

The key to affecting a process is to change something involved. Some step, some element of the process must be removed or altered, in such a manner that the process then moves in the direction the will desires. The only way to affect someone elseís perceptions, is to alter the process of their interpretation of the facts. The only way to accomplish this, is to either provide them with additional facts to interpret or to alter the facts themselves that they of course would be interpreted differently. I would also say that the removal of facts is valid, yet if you are altering a process already in progress, the fact is already perceived, and thus it is too late to remove it entirely.

And yet, knowing the ends that must be achieved, the course of action still remains vague, ambiguous. It is an unusual way to thinkÖ attempting to discern a way to alter anotherís thoughts. Or at least, it is unusual for me. Is it even moral, to attempt to do such a thing? One could call it either defense, at best, or manipulation at worst. What would I name itÖ I am not sureÖ Yet can I sit idly by, and watch the truth be destroyed? And then a thought occurs to me.

What is the truth? I have only my perceptions.

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