By Aeryll Doman

So here I sit, after she is gone.
In this place that was but one of many gifts this night.
I too, should sleep, but am unable to relinquish
The feeling that remains.

That which I have held for so long,
With so little hope,
Has been greater than I ever dared dream.
So much so that I would doubt my memories
If tangible proof did not spin here in my hand.

My reflection beams back at me from the now still water.
It is almost too much - difficult to stay earthbound.
But careful! Still I twist in the wind
And the knot in my stomach, though loosened, remains.

Tomorrow I will reinforce my woefully inadequate defenses,
For she remains the greatest of dangers.
But tonight I will enjoy and remember
The softest of kisses, the feeling of her breath and her scent.

Perhaps I will allow myself to dream a little longer
And hope for a continuance when next I wake.
But it seems to me an appropriate irony
That we are only able to dance around each other.

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