Ode to a Healer

By Echo Vinum

You carry a smile and a bag full of things.
You seldom have gold or wear fancy rings.
Without a weapon like a warrior you fight.
For death is your foe, and you work day and night.

You are known for your mercy, and hands that are steady.
When danger calls you run to be ready.
For you know in your heart that if you're not there,
Your friends will have more then danger to fear.

You are loved by all and hated by death.
You pray to never see ones dying breath.
With bandage in hand you'll stand and defend.
Chasing away death in the end.

For you are a healer,your job is to heal.
Your happiness based on how others feel.
You come when they call as fast as you can.
You'll heal and beat death untill your end.

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