By Echo Vinum

A woman all dark, dressed black as the night
walks into the inn at the beginning of night.
She gazes about as she orders her wine.
Her eyes coldly stare at those who gallently dine.

A young couple look and smile as they say,
"Dear lady, a love can drive your darkness away."
She says to them with a voice grown stern,
" oh children, in life you have much yet to learn."

"Alone I began..alone I'll remain.
Love isn't worth all the time and the pain.
You lay down your life to watch it walk away.
Alone without love is the safest way to stay.

For if you have nothing you have nothing to lose
Cause when you lose something you gain only the blues.
Your heart grows cold and turns to stone
. then you find out you were best off alone.

So heed my advice, all those who hear,
Protect your heart and don't show you care,
cause if you do some day you'll see
that love for you was not meant to be.

And with this thought she turned to walk away
stopping a moment with one thing left to say:
"Love is like a bird all happy and free
untill it finds some other place it much rather be

then it lifts up it's wings and soars to the sky,
leaving you standing with a tear in your eye,
with no where to go and nothing to do
and then you'll become just like me to."

The woman all dressed as black as the night
slightly smiles then bids them "goodnight"
she glides out the door the way she came in
and no one around ever saw her again.

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