Just Think About It

By Echo Vinum

Have you ever took the time to chase a butterfly?
or watched an eagle soar high in the sky?
Have you ever listened to the rain as hit the ground?
or watched a leaf as it fell down?

Have you ever wondered where yesterdays go?
and why tomarrows seem so slow?
When there's not enough time to hear lifes song.
Do you ever wonder where the world went wrong?

Have you ever reached out to passers by?
Comforted a child when it began to cry?
Fed a begger hungry in the street?
Said good day to all you meet?

Have you ever took the time to make ones day
with simple things the world forgets to say?
or did you look back and wish you had
said something nice instead of getting mad?

If all the world took the time to say,
Hello, I love you , can I help you this day?
then just think about the world it could be.
And it all begins with just you and me.

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