Pride and His Bride Lady Death

By Echo Vinum

He walks with great boldness undaunted by fear.
Fear cannot challenge when his lady is near.
His gaze is unwavering, and dark as the night.
There will be no compromise, for death will he fight.

His intoxicating presence overcomes all those he sees.
From the lowliest servant, to men armored in greaves.
They get drunk off his glory and high on his power.
They seek him out blindly not knowing the hour.

He strides in his fullness never looking behind.
He knows his lady follows, their souls are entwined.
He leads all his followers down his perilous road.
As a gift for his beloved to have and behold.

And boldly they follow him, as if he were king.
Right into the arms of his beautiful queen.
Where once they rest, she will never let go.
She treasures the gifts from her wonderful beau.

Adorned in their victories, she follows her Pride.
Feeling quite honored to walk by his side.
For she knows that he'll bring her her only desire.
The bodies of mortals on funeral pyres.

For she is lady death, entering graceful as night.
replacing the company of life after his flight.
She comes quickly for those she wishes to spare,
And takes her sweet time when she don't give a care.

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