The Only Revenge...

By Kobald

As I walk down the path of loneliness,
Seeing nothing but darkness and fear,
Buried within my hopeless heart,
A voice of the dead reaches to my ear.

It says to me, "Why did this happen?!"
"Why was I led astray???"
"Please, please, let justice be served."
"...Don't let my soul slip away..."

I wonder why I have to be the one,
Why I suddenly become the Chosen One.
Was this planned from my Birth?
If I accept, will the deed be done?

As the tears from my face slip into the Night,
The comforting voice echoes from my heart...
The voice of someone I've always known,
Letting me know that we're not apart...

But, even if I try to change the past,
Will the balance of Destiny be shifted?
This is only known in the hearts of the powerful,
Buried, in the hearts of The Gifted.

All I can now do,
Is hope that my place is held,
Carry my heart gently,
So that no one...nothing is pulled down,
By the gracefulness of my final fall.....
Seeing the stars, shining in the bottomless deep Ravine,
Carry me; take all my fears and sins away...away..........away.

.....And, as I fall.....
Let there be the Ultimate, Final Revenge.
The Revenge that can smother
What Evil had left in it's wake.

And.....please send my eternal, meaningful love,
To all those that my hand could not save.....
Forgive me.....forgive me..........

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