Lady Death

By Katerina

A maiden once walked in a veil of black
A beautiful girl was she.
She walked in the shadows, and danced in the night
She was a terrible sight to see.

She had a dark fire that glowed in her eyes
The fire that lit her pale face.
She talked with a soft and gentle voice.
She walked with such elegant grace.

This maiden was not from our light world.
She came from a place of night.
This maiden was called Lady Death.
She takes the souls of men of the light.

With one glance from the dark Lady Death
Men came to fall to despair.
She would not be forsaken, tricked or fooled.
Death came to the men who found her glare.

She cannot be evaded, she cannot be found.
But love may win her o'er.
For Death seems to have a softer side.
Death is searching for something more.

A man of the light she can never have.
Men fear her taking the 'ternal toll.
She wants a love, but to see Lady Death.
Takes love from a man's light soul.

Lady Death has a soul, a soul inside.
But 'tis a soul of the night.
The soul of Death can never meet
With the soul of man-the soul of light.

The souls of death and life cannot mix.
Lady Death will be all alone.
But in the darkness of the night.
One who listens can hear her moan.

Lady Death is a maiden, tall and dark.
She walks in the shadows of day.
Lady Death is graceful, but her touch is shunned.
Maybe she'll find love one day.

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