By Kelixa

The mirrored image was fractured, broken, shattered. A couple of sad faces reflected, sadly, mournfully. As if they were trying to get out. Trying to find adventure and canít get it.

The light from the window, is shown on the broken mirror. She picks up a piece of mirror. Fitting it in like a jigsaw puzzle.. Soon the last piece is placed. Into the remaining part. Only a thin line stays, from where the fracture lines were. She looks into the mirror and smiles. Knowing about the worldÖ

The world where things are beautiful and not cruel. A place where things are not violent at all. A world where things are different. And peaceful. The world which is opposite. To ours and special.

The world she knows, She cannot reach in reality. The world she can only reach, with her imagination. Since it is only mirror. A perfect opposite. Unattainable. The world She knows that lies beyond the mirrorÖ

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