A Soldiers’ Thoughts

By Laskari Banetet

Honor… What is this word? No … that is not the question of importance. What is this idea? This ideal? What does it mean? To be honorable? Or Dis-honorable? This is truly the question of importance.

To answer this question one must first define the word.

Honor, despite the many voices to the contrary, is not peaceful. It simply uses violence only when necessary.

Honor, despite the many violations, is not violent. Violence lacks refinement, and thus debases all parties involved.

Honor, regardless of affections, is not loving. A Gladius has two edges…

Honor, despite all loathing, is not wrath. Anger is but a cloud on the mind.

Honor, is to live your life in balance, with wisdom, restraint, and integrity. To be honorable is not to seek respect, acclaim, authority, or power. It is merely to live, not simply in passing, but to live with vibrance… to live well.

Thus, when one says, this man is honorable, it is a mark, to say as if, he has used his life well. He has not wasted it on petty things, such as greed, wrath, or avarice. He did not let his passions consume him.

And so, when a man is dishonorable, it is the contrary mark, to say that this man has shown himself unworthy, a shade of a man. One who could not, did not control his heart, in one way or another. A man who let his emotions rule, whether greed or wrath, and took them to excess, beyond the bounds of an honorable moderation.

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