Ode to Death

By Taliseman

Seeing the darkness,
Being the shadow,
Being, but less,
Than I've ever been before.
The shadow,
it's safety,
warm and inviting,
making me whole.
Hiding from the pain,
Hiding from the sorrow,
Hiding from the life,
That I once knew,
and lived.
Love and life,
seem so far from me,
the end is comming,
and it's plain to see.
That I'm not ready,
I will not go without a fight,
death and his beings,
in my strange sight.
being common,
is a feared thing,
for unless you are lucky,
you are dead, plain to see.
The end is comming,
and I will stand alone,
For no one can help me,
My body, aching to the bone.
Death you see,
Is what is comming for me,
My body is tired,
and I do not care to be,
alone anymore,
or wandering through life,
the end soon is comming,
comming to my life.

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