My Heart is Lost

By Echo Vinum

What makes these tears flow from my eyes?
My heart scream out these tortured cries?
My soul cry out in terrible pain.
A loss much larger than any gain.

This darkness that has filled my soul,
broken my heart and left me cold.
The battle I fight now in my mind.
My heart is lost, my eyes are blind.

For you my love are gone from me.
Your face I fear to never see.
Your warmth I know I shall not feel.
I blame the cinner's, I blame Ereal.

My love, my life, my family,
Seems death continues to take from me.
My mind screams out, confusion reigns.
I know not if I can take the pain.

I bear each day and I try to smile,
My heart cries out for you all the while.
Each place I go, your face I see
but yet I know you're not here with me.

I know not where you rest your head,
alive somewhere or in death's bed.
I only know that this is true,
my heart remains lost with you.

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