Memories of Blood

By Appolus

the ruby red of sunset
mirroring the rage
of man upon the grave
of his butchered lover

the rage recedes from his mind
giving room for thought
a memory locked in sorrow
coming to the front

once again he's back upon
the threshold of his home
speaking with his loved one
'neath the starry sky

from near the brush
and across the field
comes the sound of marching
and the torchlight of an army

the fight erupts and houses burn
trapping men inside them
the smell of blood the new burned flesh
permeates his nostrils

he panics, runs, and tries to hide
from the carnage wrought behind him
a flies forth and cuts his back
a searing pain erupts

his body fails
and falls down flat
he hits his head and all is black
and once again he's here

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