Worms, Fish, a Moral, and a Happy Ending

By Dyana

Worms, Fish, a Moral, and a Happy Ending
by Dyana

I have committed a crime,
The most foul crime a person can commit.
I've committed murder and I am committed to it.

My victim is a worm.
Many, many, many worms,
Each one drowned as repeatedly as can be.

And I had an accomplice.
A whole school of them.
All of different colors.
And, oh, I, uh, killed them.

It's not like I don't feel guilty.
It's not like it isn't pleasant.
One wriggles in dirt.
The other smells indecent.

We call it fishing but it's murder, I say.
Call it like it is and make the merchants pay.
(I have to make a living somehow
And making merchants pay is my solemn vow!)

But I feel guilty about the worms.
I feel guilty about the fish.
So I apologize to the worms
And I apologize to the fish.
I apologize to them:
Worms and fish,
Fish and worms,
Fish and worms,
Worms and fish.
*Sigh* So many of them.

But I honestly feel sorry
When I send these creatures to their doom.
I make comparisons to the war
And the jaded soldiers in the bar rooms.

I know it's not the same
But I can't help but ponder...
If I go out and play that game
Of war, of death, of destructive 'wonders',
What will become of me?
What will become of Iridine?

It is a messy swarm of thoughts.
It is an endless circle by life's rules.
We will all end up in the dirt
And some will feed the fish as worms.

But I've talked too much about worms and fish.
I didn't mean to sadden or disgust anyone.
I hope everyone lives a long, happy life
And all along the way to have a little fun. :)

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