Goodbye, My Friend

By Achmed the Snake

So long, farewell to you,
you've come to the end of your lofe.
It's all been wonderful,
a lovely and wonderful time.

We've had some good times,
we've been through the bad.
If I could could see your face now,
I know it would not be sad.

Look at those who have gone before,
they all managed to even the score.
When the book of their lives began to close,
They all stood tall, drew their bows,
and managed one last shot at the evil they face.
Then left this world without disgrace.

You tried to do this my friend,
when that blade came for your side.
You took the cut and screamed with rage
jumped to your feet, but alas
the string on your bow was cut in half.
So you pulled a knife and lunged at your foe,
but your life was up, it was time to go.

I tried to save you,
I did all I could,
I tried to pull you from the bandit wood.

But I was new to war and death..
I could not get you out,
before you breathed your last breath.

I took you to a healer's place,
Everyone said you were dead.
There was no one there,
who could make you lift your head.

I cried all night and most of the day,
wondering why you jumped in the way.
That blow you took was meant for me.
So goodbye my friend for eternity.

Let it be known that your memory lives on.
Even though you have gone.
Goodbye, my friend.

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