"I Love You"

By Othelia

Love is not a whisper,once said and it is gone;
Love is not a walking stick,a crutch to lean on.
Love is not the lightning,that will quickly cease to be;
Love is not a painting or an object we can see.

Love is not a pass-time,to keep one amused;
Love will not grow stale the more that it is used.
Love is not a title which makes one sound mature,
Love is a disease for which there is no cure.

Love is like a blossom which flowers every day,
But unlike the course of nature,it never dies away.
Love is like the ocean,full of hopes and fears;
Although there's troubled waters,it never disappears.

So remember this young lovers,for what i say is true;
Never lightly use the power , of saying
"I love you".

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