By Razlin

I repent this day, for the sins I have done
Fighting and cursing, like some drunken bum
But that is me, why should I die
For not once in my life, have I lied

Attacking those, that maim and kill
Maybe I should go, for cheaper thrills
Other approach me, about my behavior
Just because, I'm no damn savior

Leave me be, and look in my past
For me and my blood, I am the last
Why should you judge, what is right and fair
Because of you, I'm losing my hair

I always live for others, doing what they say
But now, this is my day
I'll do what I want, be who I want to be
And you can join me, ha, for a small fee

But why should you care, you insignificant speck
I'll beat your arse, and spill your blood on the deck
Then you'll tell your friends, and they'll get their revenge
I'll be in the pub, going on a drinking binge

So I'm saying this, to all out there
You catch me on a bad day, I just won't care
This is all I'll say, about this hate
Cause we all...must choose our fate

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