Ode to lovers lost

By Janisinia Kiljaro

Souls can search for a long time trying to find the right one. And sometimes it puts you into situations which can or can not be fun.

I can recall a time ago when I was a lover too. Only unfortuneately someone else had it in for me...out of the blue...

A close friend of mine, named Merlit he ran a business I worked in. The Silver Sail was it's name, but business was really in the bin.

However, A man I had for me A Falcon, by the name of Siradam, who was NOT a ham but was a nice guy the same.

We had it going for a while, then love ran into fate, as Siradam and Merlit fought and were locked behind the jailgate.

The fight raged on even in there, but Merlit was the victor. He then put Merlit out of life and acted as the lictor.

A heartbreak it really was for me when the news was heard by myself, who fainted dead away scaring up at least one bird.

However, now, it's long ago, so it is out of my mind, but the man who died is why I cried. He was one of a kind.

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