A Letter From The Field

By Echo Vinum

Dear love,
I write this letter from my heart
to share my thoughts before I part.
For upon this field of blood I sit
my waist is slashed, my thigh is slit.

Dear love,
I know not if you'll recieve this letter
but maybe then it's for the better.
My friends and I may die here
but it isn't death we've come to fear.

Dear love,
My greatest fear I have to say,
is not seeing your smile just one more day,
not touching your hair full of the sun,
not feeling your warmth when the day is done.

Dear love,
Your eyes so blue, deep as the sea.
Oft times I wish you were here with me.
Your touch would make me forget this war
and all the pain that I have bore.

Dear love,
These cinners here have given their best
often putting us through quite a test.
Many have died on the field this day.
I feel my own life draining away.

Dear love,
My time is short, I must fight on,
my love for you it still burns strong,
but if this note falls in your hands
then know i've died for our land.

Dear love,
Know i've fought for Iridine
for all that is yours and is mine
know I gave my life willingly.
My dying hope is your face to see.

Dear love,
With this I close for I must rest,
my heart barely pumping in my chest,
my breathing is shallow, but to you I must write,
and send my love and my final goodnight.

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