The chase

By Ridelle Luminus

Racing for the public
you can hear him drawing near
He's following your footsteps.
watching every tear

Gaze quickly over your shoulder
to see him gaining fast
You wonder who this man is
all you know is he's A mask

You fall to the ground
tripping over A rock
his knife lands in your back
with A sickening *THOCK*

You try to stand up
but it's already to late
your vision is cloudy
your legs begin to wake

He laughs in your face
and steals all your money
you just stare at him blankly
not seeing whats funny

Once he's done his job
he begins to leave
leaving you there
there to bleed

Thinking of why this happens
To you on this day
it comes to you...
it's just the "Guilds" way

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