By Razlin Light

She was young, when she first came around
New to the city, and the surrounding town
She was lost, and needed help
I offered mine, though I'm just a whelp

I came across her, so young and vibrant
It felt as if I'd been stuck, with a damn trident
As I watched her move, I wanted to drool
But thought to myself, I must keep my cool

She had many friends, they all like her alot
So I left her, with only a thought
If you need me, I will try to be around
Unless I die, then I'd be in the ground

She smiled a smile, so sweet and so true
I could feel, that with her, I'd never be blue
As I left her, in the strange new place
I thought to myself of her beautiful face

We met now and again, talking of this and that
And all I could think of was this woman,
I left the city, had business to attend
As I returned things started to blend

Many others had come, to see this sweet soul
And in my heart, opened a deep hole
I cried a tear, and left the city
For I was a coward, and had much self pity

She searched for me, but I couldn't be found
I was in the caves, trying to be struck down
At that moment, I vowed Love will never last
And decided to put this one in my past

I became a killer, hired for a small fee
So that the weak ones could be set free
I hunted these thieves, and tied them with rope
Then struck at them, as some murderous dope

The thiefs words, echoing in my head
The connies are looking for me, so I go to jail
I thought of this, and decided to bail
I decided to leave the city, and made the rocks my bed

I've killed many a men
Taking their belongings and den
Saying a prayer, for their soul
Then throwing their bodies on the coals

I can never love one so much
But all I thought of was her touch
Her eyes, and her embrace
Feeling her smooth lips, against my face

Holding her close, never letting go
How could I love one like her so
I decided to find this love of mine
And try to be together, till the end of time

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