burying my love for you

By kate Holderness

It's hard for me, but,still,i know
That its time for me to let you go.
You broke my heart and left it to bleed
Pouring out it's devoted need.

I thought I'd die,when you told me the news;
That you had found somebody new.
My world was ripped from my trembling hands
You'd fallen from my fingers like scattering sands.

I thought I'd weep, forever and a day
And never find another who could love me in your way.
So gentle and honest, yet witty and true,
No-one could be as perfect as the God-like you.

But time heals all, or so they say,
So I guess my wound will heal in that way.
Although it still hurts, my heart wont die
And I know that,someday,my tears will dry.

There will always be,deep in my heart,
The secret scar left by our part.
But I will survive and find someone too
So it's time I buried my love for you.


to you-know-who...I'm sorry for any confusion I may have caused between you and your love. As long as your happy........

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