Seeing You Again

By Kobald

From the day I was born,
You loved me, cared for me.
You gave me life,
And the joy of being alive.
I never thought that I would one day say,
'I wish I could see you again.'

From my youngest years,
You didn't teach me to want or have,
But you did teach me how to appreciate.
I never worried about being alone,
Because you were my friend, my listener,
And my supplier of wisdom.

Why should I have to think
That I would one day need you?
You were right there...
And then 'he' came...
He took you away from me.
I reached out for you....
But you couldn't reach back.
I tried to get you back...but 'he' wouldn't let me.
He wanted to destroy...
To take away what I valued most in life.

And I wonder...
Will I ever see you again?
Will I ever feel your warmth and love
Washing over me??

Or is it just a memory?
Is it hopeless to try again?
Should I just let it go,
And never think about it again??
Not yet....
I still have so much to do,
So much to say...
So much to understand.

The darkness of my past
Blinds the truth from me...
But if I could only know the answer.
Let me know if I have the right to go on!

'....Mom....Dad....w-will I ever see you again??'

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