Last Will

By Appolus

Last Will:

I will not be defeated
my strength will see me through
my mortal wounds are nothing
I will survive the day

Spears have tried to stop me
arrows too have failed
death is lingering near me
waiting for her chance

My waist has not stopped bleeding
the sword is in there still
as I lay upon the ground
the blood of life escapes me

I look across the plain
covered thick with blood
my own is mixed there within it
flowing through the Earth

The vastness of the ichor
seem to wrap the land
locking the up the World
in its crimson black embrace

My life I fear is ending
my vision is a blur
I cannot lift my head
but I shall not fear

The only thing I've yet to do
is say my dying prayer
though if I do
I fear my life will end

Ereal console my friends
do not let them forget me
each one that I have loved
thank you for your blessings

Now I repare for death
my soul sits light inside me
ready to escape
I am ready, For That Was My Last Will

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