Lone Bandit

By Donatelo

While walking to Vetallun, I pause to admire the scenery
I sniff the fresh air, and listen to the flow of the river

Down at my feet lay a small quiver
I pick it up and examine it closely

All of the sudden, a tap on my shoulder
I turn around to a man leaning on a boulder

He says, 'That is mine, give it here and you'll be fine'
I say, 'No problem, I'll just find one further up the road'

He says, 'Those are some nice greaves you got there, hand those over as well'
I say, 'Excuse me, sir?' He wasnt playing, I could tell

He says, 'Jest hand them over and you can go free'
I say, 'You've got to be kidding me'

His eyes go narrow, and grit his teeth
With a fluid motion, he swept me off my feet

I got back up, and wielded my whip
I flicked my wrist and wrapped it around his neck

I ask, 'Do you wish to continue this?'
The reply I got was a puncture to my leg

I free his neck, and entangle his spear
He gives me a look, a look of fear

With a quick yank, I disarm the man
Before I could strike again, he turned an ran

I say to myself, 'What a coward, that man'
I continued my walk, with a quiver in hand

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