Lover in The Shadows

By Appolus

You stare at her from ‘neath your cowl,
wishing she was yours
the rage boils hot within your chest
as you see her with another

Within the shadows you long for her
just beyond the light
a ping of love stabs at your heart
when you see her smile

The voice of lust speaks in your heart
amongst the howls of anger
Her love belongs to another
though you think her yours

The jealousy within you breaks
from its pen inside
You rip your sword free of its sheath
and tap him on the shoulder

He turns around
you swing your blade
his blood falls on the floor
and then you wonder

You turn from her and run away
the tears of rage freely flowing
within the shell of solitude
your hatred for him grew

You realize with appalling knowledge
the thing that you have done
you slew a man to love another
but she will not stand you

You stop
you turn you say a prayer
the blade you hold is poised
to take the life, this time you own

The sword comes down
the blood flows forth
you fall upon the ground
the whole time she stands watching you:

Weeping for her lover

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