By Razlin

I throw my hood about my face
And look once more at the people of this place
You fight, the likes of me with your sword
It's because of you, that gets me bored

Walking through the land, seeing the blood being spilt
I took my own, and snapped it at the hilt
I finished fighting, yes, this is true
Because I'm done fighting, the likes of you

Come kill me, if you must
But all because, of your lust?
Blood sparkles bright, in your eyes
And your tongue speaks, oh, so many lies

You hold your sword, over your head
And swing it down, killing this kid
How brave of you, you hurt him good
Now, take your sword, from out his hood

You killed this hood, now boast your kill
Tell all your friends, about the thrill
The kid still wearing, this contraption that brings death
He twitches, and draws his last breath

You remove the hood, to claim as your own
And see the face, you turn white as bone
Because of your ignorance and bloodthirsty lust
You see your best friend laying cold on his back

You begin to cry, and hang your head
And only wish, that you could join him
In the Land of the Dead...

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