Light My Way Home

By Agito

If you question what I would do
Just take a good look at you
You are no better than I
Ignorant fool

You can call me what you will
But that won't change the fact that I kill
It's just like music to my ears
Screams of the damned

There are luxuries we can't afford
Your hollow truths just make me bored
I slide the hood over my head
And take to the streets

The corrupt all scream thier demands
I feel the warmth of blood on my hands
I'll make sure your pyres
Are always on fire

They light my way home

If you question what I would do
Remember that I am not through
There's still too much to do
Don't get in my way

If you question what I would do
Take a good look at you
I can never be forgiven
And niether can you

I've got promises to keep
And miles to go 'fore I sleep
You fools can say what you will
I'm coming for you

The guilty cry for my death
I can feel the fear in thier breath
Judgement is coming quite soon
Do you question your worth?

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