In Arms

By Merse

Back to back, battle after battle we kept each other alive.

Sacrificing hit and cut to keep the other from a mortal blow.

Parry, spin, slash I weave across the field.

Block, strike, pivot you dance close at my side.

Together a force to be reckoned with

alone a match for some but niether is as stong as the whole.

A battle joined, when I could not

on that bloody field you fell.

You refused to release life till I had seen you just one last time.

I came across the miles with all haste.

Finally to your side all there was to be done was hold you in my arms.

From my lips one last choked reply

'Though not of your land you will always be my Sifara, and I love you'

Written By Merse after the death of his Altene love

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