I Would Forget Her If I Could

By Elis Chessog

I would forget her if I could,
If only i could,
but my passionate love that binds me to her
Binds me too tight,
In a deadly embrace.

Like the clutch of an eagle,
or the constriction of a Boa.

I fall in love deeper and deeper
into the dark abyss,
illuminated by the beauty and purity of her soul,
and I'm bound like a slave to his mistress.

I give her all I can give,
but she with-holds the love,
I crave i return.

I stare into the heavens above,
for a solution to my suffering,
I fervently pray to God
for his wisdom.

For in this maze I wander
wonder and ponder
Here and yonder
for how long I can wait for her love

I try to forget
the pain she has brought me,
I try and try,
but to my utter regret
ask myself why?
why can't I forget?

It must be the way she acts,
her flowing, shiny haur
golden threads in sears of fire.

It's the beauty of her sensous curves;
the blue glint in her eyes.

It's the enchantment on me'
A hazy cloud is all I see,
It's the sweet scent that
pervades my body, the scent
that tortures my soul,
that comforts my heart and invades my dreams

How I wish I could forget her!

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