By Ramuh

Screaming and yelling, attacking on all sides
Retreat, and re-group, attack at full stride
Get hit in the head, legs and chest
Lucky hit on you, never the rest

Need armor, better weapons
That's why your here
Attack with all ye got
For you have no fear

Enemies crawling all around
Sweeping your feet, knocking to the ground
Getting cut, pierced and slashed
Need a healer quick 'for your head gets bashed
Attack again, till the enemy retreats
Take your prize, and walk the streets
Return to the city, which you now call home

Sit there, waiting for the group to return
Think of what happened, and from it learn
Thinking of it, makes a tear fall from your face
Go to the Inn, that one special place

Talk with others, about what has happened
Boast about your kills and such
Then remember your fallen companions
For they fought next to you
Shed your tears for them, and toast them adu
For your battle, has just begun...

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