Without You

By Minxx Mystique

As I wander aimlessly, my sight of my direction fails in the darkness surrounding me
Without you, my world seems vailed, memories are grasped as tightly as I can manage
Empty bed with untouched sheets, chilling shivers without your warmth near me,
In the night, I reach over to hold you, without feeling any love beneath my hands
I wake up again, hot tears falling softly, nothing but air in my tight embrace
The world seems empty, as I walk dazed, tasteless with no feeling except my pain
And yet I wander on, reminiscing of the countless days we fought side by side..
flourishing in the passion of life and love, so willing to lay our lives down for each other..
I journeyed from a world bathed in love to world clouded with inner pain and anguish
A haunting deep within my soul of the life you laid down for me, so I could continue to walk..
last glace of a deep swirled mixture of pain and love that I saw before the closed eyes...

Y'librai of my pain and guilt, my deep love will stand strong through the tests of eternity..
Y'firaiah ne.

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