Whipped too many Times

By Amarad

~~written in blood on a torn blanket taken from a dead vineyard slave~~

"Whipped Too Many Times"
I lay with a bloody nose in my hole, cold and damp
You swing at me while I'm defenseless, aint you the champ?
Now you've taken everything and left only a mess
You just want to see it broken, bloodied, and undressed
With the whip to my shoulder
My side to the boulder
But I push on like a soldier
As my hatred gets colder
I dream of fields without blood, tears and fear
When the master approaches, it's screams that I hear
It's just a grim screw up, are the broken bones mine?
As my sister falls limp beside me by grand design

It's about time these evil overseers meet my fist
My heart beats the play list, driven to say this
I push you past the bodies of my friends
About time your power ends
Broken nose, torn clothes
The vine grows
With that sweet taste of greed
as the cell doors close

My future's a shattered disaster
I bow to your feet, eyes plastered
You strike me down to work faster

My belly's never filled with the rotten food we eat
It fills with empty promises and the thought of your defeat
I stare with pity at the sunked face of my brother
As I tear my breeches to bind the torn hands of my mother
Every night I dream of fields without fences
Even land where no one's left defenseless
We get stronger and meaner as the townie pigs gloat
But it's still hard to breathe with townie hands on my throat
I fall to the dirt, my road's come to an end
Now you carry on the fight my friend

Our people's now a broken disaster
I can't see with eyes full of plaster
If you push me I'll only go faster
Rrrrrraaah! YES MASTER!

Take the sun from my people's eyes, the collors from thier necks
Clear the blood from the slave ships, clear off the decks
Neck deep in lies and it makes me wanna spit
The sweat fills my life, I'm over my head in it
And though no one can fight this alone
Stong be hand and heart and bone!

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