By Tenshal B. Terris

I once saw my shadow in the night
I realized it was the reflection of my soul
It resembled my body, but was black and faceless
It was distorted, stretched and pulled compared to my body
And the shadow never looks to its source
It is too ashamed to lay eyes upon its origin
The true reflection of a manís soul lies in his shadow
* * *
I once lay in a field at midnight
I turned my eyes to the sky and saw the abundance of stars
The dark gray moon hung in all its majesty
Lucifal, Aera and Invex shown oíer head
My troubles seemed trivial
Myself, my home, and even great Iridine were insignificant
The moons and stars are the true powers
They are the greatest wonders of the world
* * *
Why do we work?
What is the true point of payment?
The goal to gain more talents, denars, sterces, and even sens--
It is an utter waste of time, energy, and talent
True human talent
Our fathers hunted to live, and their fathers hunted
And yet we hunt for slivers of metal
Odd, is it not?

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