Thief's Theme

By Dragonldee

Hello Iridine the thought goes out, And so begins just another day
To the forums in the morning, To find her days pay
To the bank then the jewelers, Errands to run today
Heading to the toga, Grab a basket along the way
Crab legs and crusty rolls, For lunch its all the same
A quick chat at the toga, Then off to train
Hello again, Timmis, Her thoughts tell her
A thief is hunted, As those practicing Complain
ědamn thieves letís go get ëimî
She listens to the fray, She holds back a smirk
As he asks her out again, Accepts the gifts he gives her
She canít help but grin, He runs to catch a thief
And asks another out, She laughs as he leaves
ěGeez, that manís a schmuck!î

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