I Should Have Asked

By Karious

Floating in the silence, Suspended in the darkness, I reflect back on my life And try to make sense of my distress.

I feel the cold wind whipping, Biting at my flesh and skin. I think about my shortcomings, My fallbacks........my sins.

I remember my last memory of life, Being drug to the healer's. The Bandits had thrashed me And death was my final savior.

I can now see my love crying, Sobbing at my death. Her pain is overwhelming, Her sorrow in every breath.

A soft voice whispers to me, Offering a chance to return. It tells of me keeping my memories, But things will also change, in turn.

I accept without thinking, Without any questions at all. My minds starts to spin, Into my body, it falls.

My love meets me when I awake And we travel home together. Our sheer joy at our reunion Makes us both feel light as a feather.

Things were perfect, it seemed, Until I went to the alleys one night. While hunting, a strange feeling washed over me, A feeling I knew was not right.

My eyes were glowing bright, My teeth felt as if they were growing. I didn't know what to do, I can't resist this feeling.

I crept to a sleeping thug, Over his chest I bent. I sank my teeth into his neck And drank until I was content.

A question now comes to mind After seeing what I did to this man. Who had really brought me back to life? Was it Ereal..................or was it Ravan?

----- Unknown Author

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