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23-Aug-15 An enterprising group of wagoneers purchased a lot near the Hospice of the Morning Light, as well as the wagonyard behind the old mill in Rock Valley & launched their new wagon caravan between the two cities. For a modest fee, you can buy a ticket that lets you rent the entire passenger compartment of a wagon for you and however many others as would like to go!

11-Oct-14 For the rest of this month and for upcoming months we will be having several promotional opportunities that players can take advantage of. You can get information on these here.

08-Mar-14 War! The Cinerans have invaded. The Legion has finally welcomed help to protect and support the refugees whose lives will never be the same. Will Iridine ever be the same? Welcome to Franlius. You can find out more details here.


Healers of Light: Pub Crawl and Trivia
Tuesday, October 06, 2015, 9:30pm:

The Healers of Light wishes to do a social event. We'll be doing a travelling drinking and trivia contest. It will involve five bars to be announced, a booze budget and a prize for the person who answers the most (mostly) healing based trivia. Members ARE allowed to win, anyone is welcome to join in for fun and drinks.

As always contact Neithan Mim for questions about this event or the Healers of Light.