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04-Aug-16 For the month of August, the StoryPoint to RolePoint conversion rate will be upped by 50%. Enjoy!

23-Aug-15 An enterprising group of wagoneers purchased a lot near the Hospice of the Morning Light, as well as the wagonyard behind the old mill in Rock Valley & launched their new wagon caravan between the two cities. For a modest fee, you can buy a ticket that lets you rent the entire passenger compartment of a wagon for you and however many others as would like to go!

11-Oct-14 For the rest of this month and for upcoming months we will be having several promotional opportunities that players can take advantage of. You can get information on these here.


CL Stable Meeting: Showmanship Re-visted
Tuesday, August 30, 2016, 10:30pm:

Members and recruits of the Cruentus Laureola are requested to assemble at the ludus for our monthly stable meeting.

As discussed previously, we will re-visit the topic of showmanship. What it means to a gladiator and what it means to you personally. Come with any necessary props you may need.

For any questions, comments, or concerns, please seek out Beornyth or Aerilia.