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01-Jul-18 For the month of July, General Skill Points will be half price. Enjoy!

07-Jun-18 Role-Player of the Year will now receive a 12 month premium subscription for free! Get your role-play game on!

14-Nov-17 The new Orchil client is up and ready for beta testing! Please @report any bugs to Client Bugs. Enjoy!


House Santum's First Great Hunt
Monday, September 24, 2018, 7:00pm:

Swaying grasslands. Cloudless skies. A blowing horn. The Great Hunt has begun!

House Santum invites all citizens and residents to hear about the Great Hunt, an open contest of skill, creativity, and fashion. In it, fighter and hunter alike must work together to collect quality trophies from beasts all over Iridine. Participate to earn unique rewards, including exclusive fashion accessories, cash prizes, and more!

[Food and drink provided; Meet at the Wayfarer Inn.]