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30-Sep-16 It's that time of year again! Get your costumes ready for Halloween! For the month of October the Role Point and In Game cost of hoods/mask/faceplates will be cut in half! Enjoy and thank you all for playing!

04-Aug-16 For the month of August, the StoryPoint to RolePoint conversion rate will be upped by 50%. Enjoy!

23-Aug-15 An enterprising group of wagoneers purchased a lot near the Hospice of the Morning Light, as well as the wagonyard behind the old mill in Rock Valley & launched their new wagon caravan between the two cities. For a modest fee, you can buy a ticket that lets you rent the entire passenger compartment of a wagon for you and however many others as would like to go!


Grotesque Ball
Friday, October 28, 2016, 8:30pm:

Are you ugly? Covered in scars and tattoos? Are your clothes frayed,

tattered, worn, and filthy? Worse, do you dress like the Gadaene?

Perfect! You are invited to attend the Grotesque Ball that is being

hosted at the Swordcat Lounge. Wear your most hideous clothing,

show us your worst scars, bear your tattoos and piercings and win

a terrific prize. There will be a costume contest and an Awful Offal

eating contest for fearless epicureans. Drinks and more palatable

food are included in the price of admission. Please speak to Sforza

or Kioto with questions. Couples admission 500 denars, singles

admission 300 denars, so bring a friend. Admission is counted

toward membership for interested parties.