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18-Feb-17 A new Inn has opened in the upscale Quartz Heights called The Singing Bird. The proprietor, Penchal, invites you to come take a look at what he has to offer.

01-Jan-17 A fresh start to a new year! For the month of January all of our Veteran Character Packages will be half price. Happy New Year!

30-Sep-16 It's that time of year again! Get your costumes ready for Halloween! For the month of October the Role Point and In Game cost of hoods/mask/faceplates will be cut in half! Enjoy and thank you all for playing!


Healers of Light: One Door Opens...
Tuesday, June 27, 2017, 10:00pm:

Neithan Mim invites all future recruits, recruits and members to join the meeting in the Healers of Light hall. There is disappointing news that the planned event is to be cancelled, but a new idea which easier to implement will be presented.

Spectacle for Ereal the Conqueror
Thursday, June 29, 2017, 9:30pm:


It's time for a grand SHOW!

In honor of the Festival of Ereal Conqueror, would

like to invite all interested in participating in

a bloodsport spectacle!

Healers and cultists greatly desired!

For those people with interest who are unable

to attend either planning meeting, please contact

Favianna. Registered at both the Harbor and the

Forum messages offices.

Participates who can arrive early, please meet

at the Colosseum marker for final instructions

and to receive team armbands.

Swordcat Ad-Libs
Wednesday, June 28, 2017, 9:30pm:

Join us at the Swordcat Lounge for some nonsensical word games. Cover charge of 150 denars for all you can eat and drink.

Questions? Ask for Kyrah.


The Swordcat is a private lounge in the Sandbar district of Iridine. From Ylsa's leather shop, follow the road south as it winds toward the Temple of the Morning. Take the first street to your west and continue down the tidy lane, past the shrine and wine shop. The street will dead-end at a garden plaza with a well, where Harbor Road meets Center Road. Head south to South Road, a short walk. The Swordcat is a few paces east on South Road, on the south side with an engraved door.