Below are some of the player pages & websites that have been created for The Eternal City. If you have a page for The Eternal City that you'd like to see listed here, please include our standard disclaimers and logos, then send mail to tec-support@skotos.net. You can also read player-submitted biographies and fiction (songs, poems & stories) below.

Sites Bios Fiction

General Pages

TEC on FaceBook
TEC's Official FaceBook Page

TEC on Twitter
TEC's Official Twitter Page

TEC Wiki
TEC Player Wiki

Advice From a Scoundrel
Advice from one of TEC's denizens

Player Pictures
Pictures of TEC's Players

TEC Player Pictures
The faces behind the characters.

The TEC Post Office
Email addresses behind the characters.

Vino's Vineyard
An oldie but a goodie.

TEC Screenshots
Screenshots of TEC.

Occupational Pages
Outdoorsman Information
Brief advice for the new outdoorsman.

Warrior Pages
Annatar's Guide to TEC
Info on weapons, armor, clothes & more.

Fighter's Guide
An Introduction to TEC combat.

Guild Pages
The Constables
The law of the city of Iridine.

Healers of Light
An organization of healers devoted to the Cult of Ereal and the laws of the Republic.

Legion I Invex
Defenders of the republic of Iridine.