No one remembers who built the Harbor of the Moons, nor its towering counterpart, the spires of unknown stone that rises from the cliffs of Iridine. No one can say when Moonfall first took place, when the first purplish-black storms appeared, roiling through the moonlit countryside in furious silence. No one remembers just how old the inner city really is, nor or to what ends of Midlight its folk were scattered.

Iridine is a vast and ancient metropolis, its origins lost in myth. It is the beloved city of the sun god, Ereal, said to be raised as a monument to his victories over the eclipsing moons. It is home to both the savagery of the great Coliseum and the refinement of the Senate, the twin centers of the mighty Iridine Republic. It is the Eternal City. It always has been and always will be.

The streets of the City course with human life. Legionaries, workers, priests, peddlers, and patricians crowd the plazas and cobblestone roads. Thieves dart amidst the crowds, picking pockets and lifting goods, while constables gallantly attempt to police the busy byways. Hunters stride the streets searching for vermin, and gladiators test their mettle against human foes. Healer or scholar, craftsman or warrior, there is a place for all in The Eternal City.

As the beacon of civilization in the world of Midlight, Iridine fights an ongoing war against anarchy and lawlessness. Bandits prowl the swamps and forests of Iridine's Republic. Cineran raiders are held back only the city's twin legions and the infamous Blackvine Militia. And the sages say that the veil between life and death weakens by the day – that Ravan, the Comforter of the Dead from ages forgotten, has gone mad – that he stalks the heavens once more, seeking to bring the destruction of Moonfall to Midlight.

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