Rewards for StoryTellers

At Skotos Tech, we appreciate the time you spend StoryTelling. You're helping to make our games and our community more interesting. So, we'd like to reward you for doing soon. We have two ways to do so: free subscriptions & royalties.

Free Subscriptions

At a minimum, if you're contributing to the Skotos community as a StoryTeller we'd like to give you a free subscription. We'll have an acclaim system which will help identify the best StoryTellers. If you are an acclaimed StoryTeller and willing to make a commitment of time, we'll start comping your monthly Skotos subscription fee. In order to qualify, you must:

  • Run one 10+ hour Stage a month or
  • Spend 4 hours a week Hosting or Guiding in a Flagship Skotos game

Contact information regarding applying for a free Skotos account will be available in early 2001.


Right now, we don't know how popular Stages are going to be. However, we suspect that they'll be moderately popular, and that subscribers will be willing to pay an additional fee for playing in the best Stages run by the best StoryTellers.

Sometime after Skotos goes pay-for-play in January 2001 we will give StoryTellers the option to charge a fee for playing in their Stages. We'll collect the fees, charge the credit cards, and give people permission to get into your Stage. Then we'll cut you a royalties check for 20% of the fees. (Stages based upon licensed properties will only pay 15% royalties, since we'll have to cut a check for the licensor as well.)

This capability is expected to become available in early 2001.

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