Upcoming Games

Skotos currently has 7 games in production, each being created by Skotos players, using the Skotos StoryBuilder Toolkit.

GLORY OF THE NILE. After years of war and suffering, the New Kingdom of Egypt begins its ascent to glory. Might and mystery await you in the city of Thebes, where history will be rebuilt in your image.


IRONCLAW ONLINE. Set in the town of Triskellion, this anthropomorphic fantasy game allows players to investigate the infamous port city and become a part of its intrigues. Officially licensed by Sanguine Productions.


LAZARUS SLEEPING. A science-fiction game of a dark future. Man has reached for the stars, and beyond, but the ultimate achievement of man still eludes him. Within a geodesic dome located on a distant planet, a small group of scientists have made their first strides in reaching this goal--conquering death. What secrets lie within the world of Lazarus Sleeping?

LOVECRAFT COUNTRY: ARKHAM BY NIGHT. In the witch-town of Arkham lies Miskatonic University, a center of learning in New England ... and perhaps something more. Based on H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos, and licensed by Chaosium Inc.

MORTALIS VICTUS. A player-run world with unlimited potential, where players will eventually control almost all facets of the game, from humble peasants to the immortal gods scheming in the heavens above. The game will be produced in stages, beginning with only the bare necessities, but each new "Age" will bring new skills, areas, abilities, and upgrades.

PENDRAGON ONLINE. For the Glory of King Arthur! Chivalry, Romance, and Valor lie at the heart of this online Matter of Britain. Officially licensed & developed by Green Knight Publishing.